Spring Show Dress Attire

Updated: Mar 9

If you don’t have tights, you can buy a couple pair of nylons from Walmart. Just make sure they don’t have the extra top support as it goes lower than the skating dresses.


Group 1 and 2: Kyler, Betty, Sophie, Violet, Anna, Alice, Suttyn, Kailey

Group 3: Anne-Renee, Eva, Grace, Gabi, Cheza, Rosie

Group 4: Chloe, Kylianne, Alscessa, Sophia B, Libby, Natia, Ariel, Ella, Madi, Grace

Group 5: Jazmine, Selah, McKayla, Dadra, Allison, Skyler, Rae, Trinity

All solos are up to skater’s choice, or I’ve already spoken to parents!

Group costumes:

Group 1 and 2

Unicorn Song 1st half: (except for Kyler)

PARENTS - White shirt, white shorts or a lighter color

Club - Pink tutu

Violet: White shirt - PARENTS

White skirt and pink belt - Club

Group 1 and 2

Lollipop Song 2nd half

Kyler Black pants and white shirt - PARENTS

Girls – If they have a dress they can wear if not we can use the same as the unicorn song.

*Lollipops Need someone to make 8 total*

Group 3

Irish Song 1st half

PARENTS - White or green shirt

White skirts, green belts, green hats, green ribbon – Club

Group 3

Mardi Gras Song 2nd half

PARENTS - Colored shirt (preferred colors: gold, purple, white, green)

Black skirts – Club

*Colored hair pieces 16 total Mardi Gras colors (Need someone to make: gold, green, purple)*

Group 4

Gods Country Song 1st half

PARENTS - Jeans shorts, western shirt and bandana (If they don’t have jean shorts, they could wear a black skirt from the club; just have to let Sam know)

Group 4

Mardi Gras Song 2nd half

PARENTS - Dress of choice

Head bands, black boot covers, masks – Club

Group 5

Irish Song 1st half

Black synco dresses, green boot covers, possible green ribbon – Club

Group 5

20’s 2nd half

PARENTS - Flappers (If you can’t find one, a skater’s dress will work)

PARENTS - Net stockings

Gloves, head piece – Club

National Anthem

White skirt and T shirt - Club

Opening number

PARENTS - White shirt

White skirt, belt, face mask – Club

Ann-Renee and Eva

PARENTS - White shirt

White skirt / green belt – Club

Grace /Gabi - Dresses

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