Show Dress Attire

If you don’t have tights, you can buy a couple pair of nylons from Walmart. Just make sure they don’t have the extra top support as it goes lower than the skating dresses.

Group costumes:

Group 1 and 2

Unicorn Song 1st half: (except for Kyler)

PARENTS - White shirt, white shorts or a lighter color

Club - Pink tutu

Violet: White shirt - PARENTS

White skirt and pink belt - Club

Group 1 and 2

Lollipop Song 2nd half

Kyler Black pants and white shirt - PARENTS

Girls – If they have a dress they can wear if not we can use the same as the unicorn song.

*Lollipops - 8 total*

Group 3

Irish Song 1st half

PARENTS - White or green shirt

White skirts, green belts, green hats, green ribbon – Club

Group 3

Mardi Gras Song 2nd half

PARENTS - Colored shirt (preferred colors: gold, purple, white, green)

Black skirts – Club

*Colored hair pieces 16 total Mardi Gras colors: gold, green, purple)*

Group 4

Gods Country Song 1st half

PARENTS - Jeans shorts, western shirt and bandana (If they don’t have jean shorts, they could wear a black skirt from the club; just have to let Sam know)

Group 4

Mardi Gras Song 2nd half

PARENTS - Dress of choice

Head bands, black boot covers, masks – Club

Group 5

Irish Song 1st half

Black synco dresses, green boot covers, possible green ribbon – Club

Group 5

20’s 2nd half

PARENTS - Flappers (If you can’t find one, a skater’s dress will work)

PARENTS - Net stockings

Gloves, head piece – Club

National Anthem

White skirt and T shirt - Club

Opening number

PARENTS - White shirt

White skirt, belt, face mask – Club

Ann-Renee and Eva

PARENTS - White shirt

White skirt / green belt – Club

Grace /Gabi - Dresses

*It gets very cold in the dressing rooms! Skaters are encouraged to bring a blanket to help warm up in between performances. If anyone has small heaters they would like to bring to help warm up locker rooms, it would be greatly appreciated! *

REMINDER: There is absolutely NO BOBBY PINS allowed on the ice!

Just a reminder for parents to be in compliance with USFSA regulations; locker rooms are for ATHLETES ONLY. An exception is made for skaters 11 years old and younger that allows one parent of the same sex to assist their child immediately prior to and after their skating event(s).

USFSA Changing Room Policy -

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